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Sample of Previous Projects

In development

Halftone Image of Crowd

Genre:  Action-Adventure

               Supernatural Comedy


Director:  Shaun Piccinino


Producer: Alan Noel Vega


Tentative Cast: Daniel Wu

                             Jack Black

                             Archie Kao

An interpol agent is about to make the biggest bust of his career when he is accidentally run
over by a distracted cab driver. On life support, the interpol agent’s soul is stuck on earth limbo
and the only one who can see him is the cab driver. Together, they forge an unlikely partnership
to try and free the agent’s soul. The problem is they have no clue where to begin.

Sunset in a City

Genre: Rom-Com

Director: Shaun Piccinino

Producer: Alan Noel Vega

Tentative Cast: Casper Van Dien,                              Jennifer Wenger

Two college friends, Grant and Travis (late 40s), work together at a sports agency but their lives
are very different. Grant still lives the bachelor dream while Travis is still married to his college
sweetheart and has 5 kids. Grant finally finds the woman of his dreams (Mandy) who has
nothing in common with him, so he enlists Travis to help make her fall in love with him. Mandy
owns a Metaphysical Tea shop called HappyStance, where tarot cards rule. What could possibly
go wrong…

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